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Client Charter

Enforcement Divison

Immediately – 7 days a week

Immediately  after a 7-days' notice

Immediately if offence is committed – 7 days a week

Continuous actions for  complaints/Patrols– Once a week/complaints/immediate action

After Notice E expires

Continuous Action

Once a month

Once a month

7 working days – 7 days a week

  • Issuance of Compound Notice


  • Out-of-Court Settlement Offer.
  • Issuance of Warning Notice.


  • Seal-off/Closure of Premises
    a.Massage Parlour
    b. Video games
    c.Entertainment Centres
    d. VCD / DVD
  • Seal-off of premises for failure to pay Assessment Tax
  • Seal-off of Tenants for failure to pay Monthly Rentals.
  • Action against abandoned livestock.
  • Action against stray dogs
  • Relocation of Abandoned Cars